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The Salsa is arguably the most popular of all current partner dances, and for good reason. The salsa is a fun, flirty, and simple dance designed to accommodate the many different styles of music that make up it’s history. Usually danced quite quickly, salsa is a fun way to get in shape, work on musicality, and introduce yourself to the “language” of latin dancing.




The Argentine Tango, so named in ballroom circles to distinguish it from its more formal counterpart, is one of the most easily recognizable and beloved dances in the world. Although its more taboo origins are widely known, the sultry, passionate, dance that comes from deep in the heart of Buenos Aires is now seen as a beautiful expression of romance, drama, and sometimes even playfulness. Noted for its closed embrace, improvisational swivels, and quick leg flicks the Argentine Tango is the perfect dance for those looking to escape life for a while.



The sexy Bachata is rooted in guitar music from the Dominican Republic and has taken the salsa club dance scene by storm! Like Kizomba, the basics of bachata are quite simple to learn, making it a fun dance for beginners, but the subtleties that make bachata so alluring can keep a student occupied for a long time. Bachata features a very grounded leg action, smooth hip motions, and a signature “tap” accented on the fourth beat of a measure either with the the hip or the foot. Anyone looking to enjoy a night of salsa dancing will certainly want to learn some bachata as well!


The Hustle is perhaps the most misunderstood of all partner dances. It is often associated with the song that bears its name or perhaps the iconic moves of John Travolta. However, the hustle as a partner dance is a fast paced, quick turning, show stopper on the dance floor that is sure to be a hit at any wedding reception or gala. Hustle takes its cues from latin dancing, but its heart lies in the club beats found in the 1970’s New York discotheques of its origin! Hustle is the perfect dance for beginners looking to make a splash!



The Lindy Hop is popular style of the American 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. A great starter dance for those interested in all that swing has to offer, the Lindy Hop can be performed in a simple “single time” form or in it’s more common “triple time” rhythm that focuses heavily on energetic movement, a variety of turns and spins and, appropriately enough, a “swinging” action in the hips. Versatile, fun, and challenging, the Lindy Hop is a great dance to have in your repertoire!



Hailing from Angola, the Kizomba is one of the most recent partner dances to sweep the country. Kizomba relies heavily on close partnering and musicality and is a dance that is very easy to get hooked on. Although the dance can be quite sensual if desired, it is not out of place on a social dance floor and is sometimes confused with other dances of similar musical styles. The basic steps can be learned quite quickly, but a lot of skill and body awareness goes into mastering this passionate dance.

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