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Dance Fitness stands for is a series of programs behind the training method proposed in the Mister Dancing Studios. Dance Fitness combined with Total Body workouts and functional dance exercises carried out with the assistance of a Specialized Personal Trainer are the ingredients of our formula successfull.

In fact, Dance Fitness training allows you to increase the natural contraction of muscles by 80%, activating them up to the deepest layers, managing to stimulate metabolic activity and accelerating the basal metabolism in a lasting way, thus decreasing fat mass in favor than the lean one. All this can be done without grueling workouts but with only 45 minutes of functional exercise per week.

Discover all the advantages of Dance Fitness training, the methodologies and training programs made available by Mister Dancing in its Studios.
Dance Fitness
how it works

In just 45 minutes it will be possible to train over 300 muscles in depth, performing 30,000 muscle contractions and activating 80-90% of our motor units. It is precisely this mechanism that allows you to obtain the equivalent of 4 hours of traditional training in such a short time. That's not all: with our personal trainers you can customize your training based on your specific and personalized goals such as: loss of excess weight and reduction of skin blemishes, reduction of back pain, improvement of posture, recovery from an injury or postpartum or even sports performance improvement.

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