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Why Our Students Dance

Students Share What Dance Bring to Their Lives

Natalie, Architect

Ballroom dancing is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation, and it brings so much to my life.....Very Happy to Dance

Annika, Manager

For the past 14 years, my life has revolved around dance. Mister Dancing Dance Studio has always been and will continue to be the perfect forum for me to continue to develop my skills, cultivate my passion, and train in what I love. This place is impossible not to feel comfortable in. It has been my home for the past 10 years and its unbearable for me to think that I only have one year left. My dance friends have become my sisters, and along with our teachers and company directors we have become a close knit family. I genuinely cannot imagine my life without them.

John, Engineer

I have been dancing here for 9 years and I love it every year. The teachers are not only choreographers, but also mentors and role models. The director truly cares about each individual and works hard to make sure everyone is satisfied. She is nothing but passionate about dance and truly loves her job and inspiring us to be better performers.


Rebecca, Doctor

Mister Dancing Dance Studio is my home I have been dancing here for 10 years! The teachers here are the kindest teachers ever and they inspire me every day! They push me to my best and make sure I have a great time! The teachers here are so advanced I learn something new every day! In class they teach us every detail, what we should be feeling and thinking so we get it right! I love this studio so much every teacher cares so much about us and makes us feel important and make our dreams come true! This is the best studio I know and I am so lucky to be dancing here!

Happy Couple

Andrew, Kathy

The instructors at this studio are excellent. They really take time in teaching the steps and explain it in such a way that it makes sense and is easy to follow. If you forget a combination, they cheerfully repeat it or watch to see what the problem is.... you NEVER feel inferior for not remembering how to get in or get out of a pattern, quite the contrary, they apologize that perhaps they had not taught it in a way that would "stick in your mind" ( and your feet!!!)

Ballroom dancing is really fun and great exercise. It is our "date night". We now have a hobby that we can do together. The other students are friendly and willing to switch partners if you want to and often you learn new things from them also.

My husband and I are becoming competent dancers.

Woman in Suit

Stephanie, Lawer

The Mister Dancing dance instructors have such a unique way of making me feel successful at each level and then building onto what I have learned without making me feel overwhelmed.  At each stage, I leave the studio feeling confident, and most importantly, happy and excited to go back for my next private lesson or group class.  Along with dancing on vacations, the dance parties at Mister Dancing are so much fun!  My husband and I look forward each week to our Friday date nights, which include dinner at our favorite restaurants then dancing at the Mister Dancing studio.  At the parties if a song comes on and we are unsure about the dance steps, an instructor is ready and willing to help.  Conversely, if we just want to dance, that is perfectly fine too!

Senior Man Portrait

Joseph, Pilot

What has Mister Dancing done for me?  They have helped me build my self-confidence.  I have always been a wallflower and wanted to break out of my shy shell.  Dancing is so much fun!  Dance lessons teach you so much more than just the steps-coordination, poise, and confidence.  When you combine the enthusiastic instructors with your desire to learn, you have the recipe for success.  Thanks to the Mister Dancing staff for all they have taught me-dance steps and so much more.

Young Parents

George, Sophie

We signed up for lessons so we wouldn't feel embarrassed doing our "first dance" at our wedding. Our wedding was 2 months ago and we are still taking lessons. Our instructor is so patient! We are not the most graceful or co-ordinated couple, yet she never gets upset with us. For our wedding, we chose the song and she taught us the steps and and showed us how to combine them to make the dance flow. We practiced at every lesson for months and at our wedding--we nailed it! 

All the instructors are so friendly and helpful. Even if they aren't your instructor for your weekly lesson, they are willing to give advice and help you to master a tricky step. I am so glad we signed up for lessons at this studio! It felt so good to be able to do more than the "stand in one spot and sway" dance for our wedding!! 

If you're thinking of taking lessons, please give this studio a call--you'll be so glad you did!

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