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Teacher Training 


 the most comprehensive licensed dance teacher education program in the World

you CAN begin a career you will love for the rest of your life!  We have four regular intensive courses available. Choose Rhythm, Smooth or both.
The Junior Associate courses cover the first half of the bronze syllabus. The Full Associate cover the second half of the bronze syllabus.  Take one or all of them.  In less than 6 months you could be highly trained, certified and ready to teach anyone – anywhere!

Who Is This Program For

These Courses are for anyone with the desire to make teaching dance their career and/or for those who want to improve their dancing by learning both roles in a structured environment. 

  • Make a shift from your current career

  • A young adult who knows ballroom dance is their career

  • Retiree who wants to spend their new-found free time teaching dance

  • Start a second career in ballroom dancing

  • Dance teachers who want to become certified and fill in the gaps of their knowledge

What Is the Program

Our comprehensive Teacher Training program, based on the Internationally-recognized Mister Dancing® American/International-Style Syllabus, incorporates the 3 essential aspects of teaching dance.

1. Syllabus Training

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all figure patterns as both Leader and Follower

  • A precise, detailed and universal “language” for teaching

  • Musicality, history and technical aspects for each dance

  • Posture, frame, footwork, movement, timing

  • Regular homework assignments and in-class presentations

  • Development of teaching and presentation skills

  • Exams (dance & theory) and written tests

  • Professional Mister Dancing® Certification (additional fees apply)

2. Body Mechanics

  • Create exceptional dance posture and poise

  • Learn specific, anatomical actions to produce beautiful dancing

  • Acquire the knowledge and tools to help your students improve their posture, arm styling, foot action, balance and expression  

3. Interpersonal Skills

  • Customer-focused, principle-based and high-integrity system

  • Learn how to create long-term relationships so that “sales” happen naturally

  • Tools to create constant success in all relationships


These Courses cover all of the material necessary for taking a Professional Certification exam. Completion of  certification of Associate Smooth, Rhythm, Standard, Latin, Social Club Style qualifies you to be listed as a “Certified Dance Teacher”. 

For those who are interested, Professional Certification will be available during or after the Course.  Private lessons will be available to those who need help with the coursework, want to explore other dances and/or prepare for certification. These lessons can also be shared with another trainee for additional savings.


This Course is focused on Teacher Training, wherein you will learn both the Leader and Follower roles in great detail as if preparing for Professional Certification. Dance experience is not required but the Course will be far more effective if you have experience with all the figures in at least one role.

Upon registration we will provide a variety of study assignments that we ask you to complete prior to the first day of class.

Tuition and Payment Plans

  • 7,980 Euro for 2 Full Associate Courses – 288 hours – 16 weeks (Rhythm, Smooth & NightClub Dances)

  • 3,990 Euro for 2 Junior Associate Courses – 144 hours – 8 weeks (Rhythm and Smooth)

  • Euro 3,990 for 1 Full Associate Course – 144 hours – 8 weeks (Rhythm or Smooth)

  • Euro 1,995 for 1 Junior Associate or Full Associate Completion Course – 72 hours – 4 weeks each (Rhythm or Smooth)



Customized Private Lesson Teacher Training

Our private lesson Teacher Training Program allows you to completely customize the training to your schedule and individual pace.

  • Start anytime and begin with any quarter (or dance) of your choice

  • Take lessons on days and times that are most convenient for you

  • Complete the training on your timeline – from as little as 4 months to a leisurely few years

  • Develop your technique and styling with the focused, one-on-one attention from the Master Teacher


  • 17 dances of the Bronze American Syllabus

    • Smooth Section: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz

    • Rhythm 1 Section: Rumba, Cha Cha, Bolero, East Coast Swing

    • Rhythm 2 Section: Mambo, Merengue, Samba, West Coast Swing

    • Nightclub Section: Argentine Tango, Salsa, Nightclub Two Step, Hustle , Lindy Hop

  • Learn to dance and teach both roles (lead and follow)

  • Technical elements of all the dances

  • Musical elements of all the dances

  • Homework assignments and in-class presentations

  • Dance exams and written tests

  • How to teach private lessons and group classes

  • How to prepare for MisterDancing Professional certification

  • Sales Training Course

  • Dance In Action Training

Upon completing each quarter, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your achievement.

Depending on your schedule and how quickly you want to complete the program, you may take anywhere from 1 hour of private lessons per week to 6 or more hours per week. We will help you arrange your schedule.


The cost of tuition depends on the number of weekly lessons you take.  The Private Lesson Training may also be shared with another student – this halves the cost of the private lessons, plus you’ll have a practice session.

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