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The Waltz is arguably the most recognizable of all ballroom dances. With it’s signature 3/4 timing, airy rise and fall, and music box-like hold, no other dance better conjures images of romance and grace. As functional as it is lovely, waltz is the perfect dance to improve balance, strength, and softness in your movement.



The tango is known as the dance of passion, mystery, and seduction. However, it can also be hauntingly beautiful, deeply introspective, or at times, quite flirtatious and whimsical. Tango dancers are often seen in a closed embrace gliding skillfully across the floor, weaving their legs around (and sometimes in between) one another. Tango is also famous for it’s dramatic “picture lines”, which explains why it is one of the most photographed dances in the world.

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f you have ever dreamed of dancing in a long gown or a sleek tuxedo and floating across the floor like Fred and Ginger, then Foxtrot is the dance for you! Rooted in the music of “The Great American Songbook”, foxtrot is an elegant dance that glides effortlessly across the floor before whisking into a series of pivot turns or picturesque lines. The classic dance for a wedding or gala, foxtrot is simple enough for beginners to learn quickly and broad enough to challenge ballroom enthusiasts for years.

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Viennese Waltz‘s defining characteristic is its whimsical turning. Significantly faster than it’s namesake, Viennese waltz harkens back to the grand balls of Austria, and is arguably the “dreamiest” dance of all. While it is not as common socially in this day and age, it is still an excellent dance for learning grace, agility, balance, and posture. It is dashing, graceful, and few sights compare to the grandeur of a room full of couples waltzing around the floor!

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