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DanceSales Training…

Do you love to dance and love to teach, but dread the sales process?

Sales & Marketing is an innovative training specifically designed for ballroom dance professionals. Its name says it all—retaining students without any sales pitches, gimmicks, or pressure. Instead, it is based on the reality that when you establish authentic, caring relationships with students, “sales” happen naturally.

At the end of this training, you will have the skills to create positive, long-lasting relationships with students and colleagues, and successfully enroll students in dance lessons.

What You Will Learn in the Sales Training

A Positive Philosophy for Increasing Business without “Selling”

  • Behaviors for ethical and effective sales

  • Rewards of giving

  • Being honest with yourself and others

  • Setting healthy boundaries

Sales Skills and Information

  • Student-focused process

  • Six stages of enrolling a student in dance lessons

  • Addressing objections

  • Connecting with different types of students
    (e.g., new students, continuing students, competitive students, wedding couples, etc.)

  • Connecting with different personality styles

People and Communication Skills

  • Listening

  • Asking the right questions

  • Communicating clearly and honestly

  • Giving constructive feedback

  • Understanding personality types

Teaching Skills

  • Understanding students

  • Targeting lessons

  • Confidence and composure

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