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Presenting an Award

What is Professional Certification?

In the dance industry, professional certificates are granted to dancers who submit themselves to a standardized exam from one of the accredited organizations, and who pass that exam satisfactorily. A credential from any of these organizations is an asset to your career.

 We base our teacher training curriculum on the Mr.Dancing® syllabus and exam structure; provide complete and thorough training for all the MisterDancing® professional exams; and are available to administer the exam itself.

Why Should I Get Certified?

The Professional Certification process offers extraordinary benefits to dance teachers, deeply enriching their dancing and teaching, and greatly expanding their career opportunities.

  • Become a Better Teacher
    The process of preparing for your certification exam will teach you dance concepts you may not have fully understood. You will improve both your verbal and presentation skills. You will learn the precise vocabulary for describing the technical elements of dance figures, which will help your explanations become clear, succinct, and consistent. Your knowledge of the precise alignments will improve your ability to choreograph routines for your students. You will expand your knowledge of musical terms and concepts, and you will understand how dancing and music relate. Finally, the process of technical mastery will improve your eye, so you will know instantly how to correct your students.

  • Become a Better Dancer
    The technical expertise required to pass your certification exam will catapult your dancing to an entirely new level. You will learn the “rules” of technique that will keep your dancing consistent and help you master new, advanced figures. You’ll develop a language that will help you work more effectively in your dance partnerships. Above all, your confidence will soar with the true mastery of dance technique that will stay with you for the rest of your career.

  • Declare Your Professional Excellence
    The certificate you receive when you pass your certification exams declares your expertise to the world. You’ll be able to attract serious students and earn more for your services. You will be a desirable employee in Mister Dancing dance studios. You can even obtain your judging credential. Your certification is the first step to being recognized as a network international expert.

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