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Business and Career Consulting

Learning the business side of the dance industry is vital for all dance studio owners and teachers

The basics of any of the following topics can easily be covered in one session.

  1. Leadership – It All Trickles Down from the Top

  2. 100 Do’s and Don’ts of Running a Dance Studio

  3. A Process for Making Excellent Business Decisions

  4. Developing Policies for Your Dance Studio

  5. Writing & Understanding a Business Plan

  6. How to Analyze Your Pricing Structure

  7. Increase Your Profits by Understanding the Numbers

  8. Transforming the Culture of Your Studio.

  9. System for Having an Endless Supply of Highly-Trained Teachers

  10. How to Get Your Staff Professionally Certified

  11. A Sales Procedure that Works for You, Your Studio, and Your Students

  12. Amazing Customer Service

  13. How to Run Outstanding Group Classes

  14. Private Lessons – What Works, What Doesn’t

  15. What Makes a Fabulous Event and How to Create One (showcases, dance parties, etc.)

  16. Developing Students Using the Student Medal System

  17. Grassroots Marketing

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